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 leading global manufacturer of adjustable clutch electric screwdrivers

Brushless Screwdrivers and Automatic Screw Feeding Systems

Design Tool Inc. is a worldwide leader in automatic screw feeding and driving technology. The DTI Model 5000 is the world’s fastest and simplest automatic screw feeder on the market. Each machine is built for speed, durability and reliability of performance with proven results of 50-60% increase in the assembly process. 

Electric screwdrivers from Kilews are renowned for their precision and consistent torque control. These screwdrivers incorporate intelligent features like adjustable speed, torque settings, and built-in error-proofing mechanisms, ensuring secure and reliable fastening. They are suitable for both small-scale assembly tasks and high-volume production lines. 

Both brands combined with IAI’s cartesian systems provides a complete automated screwing solution. 
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