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AIL is IAI's Exclusive Distributor for Mexico and Most of Latin America

IAI’s  Intelligent Actuators offer a wide range of benefits, advantages, and applications in various industries. These devices are essential components in automation and control systems, allowing the conversion of electrical energy into linear or rotary motion.

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Electric Actuator

One of the main benefits of IAI’s electric actuators is their high precision. These devices can perform movements with millimeter-level precision, making them ideal for applications that require very precise control, such as the automotive industry, the medical industry, or the manufacturing of electronic products. 

In addition to their precision, electric actuators offer a fast and consistent response. They can efficiently perform fast and repetitive movements, which is crucial in mass production applications. These actuators are also known for their smooth and silent motion, contributing to more efficient and comfortable operation. 

Another important advantage of electric actuators is their versatility. They can adapt to different configurations and sizes, making it easier to integrate them into a wide range of systems and machinery. Moreover, Intelligent Actuator’s electric actuators are designed to be compatible with different control interfaces, simplifying programming and integration with other system components. 

In summary, Intelligent Actuator’s electric actuators offer significant benefits in terms of precision, speed, versatility, and compatibility. These devices are crucial in the automation and control of systems in a wide range of industries, contributing to improving efficiency, productivity, and process accuracy.

Cartesian Systems and SCARAS

IAI offers Cartesian systems and SCARA robots that provide efficient solutions in industrial automation. Cartesian systems are ideal for applications that require precise and repeatable linear movements, such as assembly, palletizing, and material handling.

On the other hand, SCARA robots (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) are articulated arm robots characterized by their parallel arm structure and vertical axis rotation. These robots are excellent for applications that require fast and precise movements in a compact workspace, such as assembly, welding, and manipulation of small objects.

Both the Cartesian systems and SCARA robots from Intelligent Actuator offer benefits such as high precision, fast response speed, and flexibility in industrial applications. These systems are highly configurable and can be adapted to the specific needs of each industry, making them versatile and reliable solutions for industrial automation.

elecylinder electric actuator effcient
elecylinder electric actuator effcient

One of the main benefits of ELECYLINDER is its high precision. Unlike pneumatic systems that can experience variations in position and force due to air pressure fluctuations, ELECYLINDER offers precise and repeatable control of linear motion. This is especially beneficial in applications that require precise positioning and millimeter-level accuracy.

Another important advantage of ELECYLINDER is its speed and fast response capability. Electric actuators can perform fast and precise movements, which is especially useful in high-speed applications and processes that require quick cycles. Additionally, ELECYLINDER offers
a consistent response speed, whereas pneumatic systems can have variations in speed due to the inherent characteristics of compressed air.

elecylinder electric actuator effcient
elecylinder electric actuator effcient

ELECYLINDER is also known for its energy efficiency. Unlike pneumatic systems that require compressors and compressed air distribution systems, electric actuators directly use electrical energy, resulting in more efficient energy consumption. This can translate into significant long-term cost savings in energy expenses.

elecylinder electric actuator effcient

Indeed, the wide range of equipment offered by IAI enables optimal automation of complete production lines. With their diverse selection of systems, including Cartesian systems, SCARA robots, and ELECYLINDER electric actuators, IAI provides comprehensive solutions to automate various processes within a production line. This allows for improved efficiency, productivity, and overall performance in industrial automation.

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