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Design Tool Inc. is a worldwide leader in automatic screw feeding and driving technology that provides automatic screw feeding, driving, presenting and dispensing solutions to a wide scope of industries such as automotive, electronics, metal, plastics, telecommunications, aerospace, wood and many others.

The DTI 5000 is the world's fastest and simplest automatic screw feeder on the market. Each machine is built for speed, durability and reliability of performance with proven results of 50-60% increase in the assembly process.

The DTI 4000 offers Automatic Presenter Systems for screws, bolts, nuts, and pins.  These systems are typically used for fasteners that cannot be blown to automatic screwfeeding equipment due to the fastener design, or for locations that do not have room for automatic feed screwdrivers.


Screwdriver Platen Assembly.

Design Tools offers Screwdriver Assemblies with feed systems to machine builders or manufacturers for integration into assembly machines or robotic cells. DTI can supply single or multiple spindle platens depending upon the application, with a corresponding feed system to feed the required number of screwdrivers.

Additional Information about about Design Tool Inc.'s product lines can be found at:

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