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laser manufacturing lumber production steel casting glass paper medical imaging, crane control micron-level part surface inspection

Acuity Laser was founded in 1992 to develop laser distance sensors and laser measurement systems for industrial and OEM use.

Their lasers and sensors all operate based off non-contact measurement. Non-contact measurement ensures the ability to provide extremely high-speed measurements and precise accuracy, without the drawbacks of touching the material.

Acuity sensors are used in a wide range of industrial applications including manufacturing, lumber production, steel casting, glass and paper production, medical imaging, crane control and micron-level part and surface inspection, serving a wide range of customers, including clients in production industries, system integrators, and OEM customers.

sensors laser triangulation
AR100-200-500-700 Series

Short Range Sensors: Which includes compact triangulation sensors. These compact devices are ideal for tasks that demand high speeds, high measurement accuracy, and long standoff ranges for measurement on numerous targets. The  offering includes features to satisfy your most challenging machine integration, factory automation, and component inspection applications.

AR1000-AS1100-AS2100-AR2700-AR3000 Series

Long Range Sensors: With a variety of laser distance sensors for accurate, non-contact measuring. These distance measurement lasers utilize pulsed time-of-flight measurement principles to accurately measure distances up to 300 meters on natural surfaces (up to 3,000 meters with retro-reflective tape).

3000 meters time-of-flight pulsed laser sensors
confocal sensors measurement

Confocal Sensors: Confocal displacement sensors meet the requirements of the most demanding applications for dimension, thickness, or roughness measurement. These sensors can measure any type of sample (transparent, opaque, polished or rough) and any type of material (metal, glass, ceramic, semiconductor, plastic)

2D/3D LASER SCANNERS: Acuity laser line sensors are frequently used in automation and quality control applications in order to measure and verify dimensions, detect flaws and defects, and/or identify target surface variations. Common application fields include steel and aluminum production, automotive, aerospace technology, electronics, robotics, and welding.

2D 3D laser scanner robotics electronic

For more information about Acuity Laser  product lines, please leave us a question at Contact Us or visit:

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